Sensing Time in Performance Contexts

Excerpt of a lecture text by Evgenia Tsanana


A. The times before the performance

1. The beginning.

Let's suppose there is an occasion and an approximate date for a performance.
For example: Pascale Grau calls and asks me, if I want to participate to the archiv performativ project. And I say yes.

That specific time is a forward-looking one. It has a firm footing. The occasion is clear, the date is fixed.

[Show image 1a] That time has at least two feet standing firmly on the ground. She is a lady, usually tall, much taller than I am.

zeichnung 1
zeichnung 2

[Show image 1b] Around her body entwine tendencies, drafts, ambiguities, fears, hesitancies, anticipations and they all grow fast. Lush green, very vital. Because of so many leaves I cannot see her face.

That particular time doesn't last long but she's powerful. After she is gone, it might be that she comes back again.

It's difficult to give that time a name. Maybe because she is big and strong I will call her Gudrun.
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