Sensing Time in Performance Contexts

Excerpt of a lecture text by Evgenia Tsanana


2. The idea. The ignition

This specific time is very bright, it comes like a cold lightning and fills me with the absolute present. The presence of this time impresses and overwhelms me so much that I am not able to grasp is.
It shows itself suddenly in the famous moment of the initial ignition. Then it goes for ever.

I cannot say how that time looks like. I can only say what its visit does with me.

[Show image 2a] A sharp thin plate cuts through my head and the top of my skull hovers over the rest of my head.

Some soft light escapes through the split. [Show image 2b] A bright, cold liquid trickles down, penetrates through my skin into my body and circulates there like a a swarm of cheerful, small balls.

zeichnung 2a
zeichnung 2b

The idea may come all at once or in several portions. Each portion appears totally unique in its apocalyptic nature.
The time of the idea can therefore be like an accumulation of bright entities.
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